Functional Movement for Relaxation

Is Your Limbic System in Overdrive?

Review the questions below and answers them as honestly as you can. If you are unsure, ask a loved one or coworker how they experience you and mark their response(s) as

-Not at all;



-Very frequently.



Area 1: Focusing on pain or body checking:

  1. Do you find yourself obsessively talking or thinking about what happened?

Area 2: Scanning your environment:

  1. Do you find yourself scanning your surroundings for potential threats?
  2. When you experience symptoms of stress, do you look to your environment to try and determine the cause?
  3. Do you find yourself predicting how you will react (i.e. how long you will be upset or in pain afterwards) if you engage in certain activities or go specific places?
  1. Do you often predict how others will react?
  2. Do you avoid situations?
  3. Do you alter the way that you live in a self-protective manner?

Area 3: Obsessing about fear/pain/anxiety

  1. Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the future?
  2. Is most of your self-talk and/or talk with others about what is going on?

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