Q: What should I expect when I contact you?

A: If you would like to receive coaching, I will ask you to please complete the following:

  • For concerns with regards to your use of technology/apps/phone and vitality:

Take this Vitality Self-assessment


  • For concerns with your physical sense of vitality (this include diet, sleep/rest, exercise, mood/anxiety):

Take this Mental Wellness Assessment


If what you would like to work on would be better served through  therapy (no worries, I will help you determining that during an initial screening call), I will recommend to you to complete the intake forms:

Male Medical or Female Medical History;

Background History;

Sexual Evaluation (for clients who wish to do sex therapy);

Consent to Treatment;

Consent to COVID-19 policy.

If you prefer meeting in person to discuss the information, we will complete the forms together during your assessment sessions.

With couples, I usually spend one session individually to go over one partner’s intake forms, one individual session to go over the other partner’s intake forms, and a third session to provide joint feedback and to map out the couple’s treatment goals.

Q: What is your availability?
A: I offer meetings in Laguna Hills, Mondays through Fridays. I also offer online sessions and evening sessions on Mondays through Thursday evenings.

Q: What is your fee schedule?

A: My fee for 50 minutes is $185, and for a 60 minutes workshop session $70.  My work with clients is solution focused and short term; from each session, you will be able to take a way a resource and apply it to your life right away.

Q: Are you on an insurance panel?

A: I am not on an insurance panel. However, I  provide receipts for the client for self-submission the client’s insurance. The insurance that receives the receipt listing the fee for the visit is then counting the fee towards meeting the out-of-network deductible. In addition, you may check with your accountant if any unreimbursed expenses for your visits may be considered as “other medical/dental expenses” and may be listed as such on your tax return for the calendar year during which you visited.