Where would you be and how would you feel if you used the power of your mind?

How would you feel if we optimized your well-being through cultivating what and how you think?

What if you found your purpose best to be understood as part of a bigger picture of life instead of just by what is right in front of you?

Is Your Life Like Mine? 

(You might be running into the same problem that I am personally encountering):

I can easily spend my time on ONE or even several important aspect of my vitality, e.g., trying to eat better, trying to exercise more, trying to be less stressed by resting better.

At the same time I tend to overlook that my struggles with my thought life. My thoughts can be in trouble when I am in chronic overwhelm (my poor, technologically overstimulated brain :(). I may deal with anxiety and depression. All that is counterproductive to reaping a good harvest from my other vitality efforts (aka clean eating, clean living, all of my great new year’s resolutions). Yikes!

But Here Is The Better Thing 🙂

Studies show that the types of thoughts I entertain can either promote my body’s capacities to heal itself or it may hinder it in renewing its cells.  Wow!

For example, those of us who struggle with hopelessness and critical thoughts may experience e.g., a slower pace of recovery after surgery. In contrast, those of us who use gratitude and mindfulness after surgery or other medical procedures (redirecting their thoughts to remain in the present moment instead of ruminating about the past or worrying about the future) report faster healing. People who dealt with life threatening medical conditions got to prolong their lives through mindfulness!

I can
rest for relaxation and brain reset to sanity

My deliberate mindset can also be used to change the amount of pain that I experience: studies show that so called “pain gates” that relay information from our pain sensors to our brain can be closed by the way I think at the time of pain or as I am expecting something to be painful.

My more positive outlook on life allows for less pain to be signaled. In other words, the amount of pain that I experience gets to be in my control- that is, the control of my mindset!

Are You Getting as Excited Bout the Power of Your Mindset as I Get??

It can’t get better than this: We don’t have to have to have a great/positive mindset of our own, we can borrow a hopeful mindset from another person:

Our minds are designed to be able to pick up another person’s feelings and experience through so called “mirror” neurons: those brain cells that mirror to us what another person is feeling, experiencing, going through, inspired by. In that way, our brains can help us feel the same thing that the other person is experiencing without being in the exact same situation that they are in.

You may have already experienced this many times e.g., when you get saddened you your friend’s hardships or you are excited when they are telling you about their child’s wedding.

mindset and connection happen in community

In other words, by borrowing (or, in other words, partnering with) another person’s inspiring mindset, you can become to be inspired beyond your own circumstances.

Borrowing another person’s mind is how we developed our own sense of self- we grew up with a caregiver who -through his/her comments and actions- allowed us to borrow their minds and mindset. Through the feedback we received from them, or did not receive from them, we developed our understanding of the world and of ourselves.

If you are like me and grew up in a not-so-perfect world (e.g., in a judgmental time in history, in a judgmental town and/or household), you may find yourself developing your sense of self later in life than your childhood, adolescence, and emerging adulthood.

Let This Not Discourage You! You are Not Alone But In Good Company :)!

As you are reading this, I want to assure you that you are getting across this information at the right time and are not too late!

Would like to see better results from your existing efforts or augment your (mental and physical) wellness at home, work and during this one-of-a-kind time?

Are you in the place of chronic overwhelm, treatment resistant depression and the desire to find a glimmer of clarity or are you with a vision but dealing with invisible or visible obstacles?

Partnering with you to make it to the top!

Does Your Life Feel Like An Obstacle Course? 

Countless times in my own life I experienced obstacles, ambivalence, and hopelessness. Also shame and embarrassment. However, I recruited a “co-pilot”, someone who partnered with me and coached me to greater wellness and sanity (also known as peace and soundness of mind), the aforementioned hindrances melted/faded away. Slowly but surely- I am so grateful for that!

Would You Like to Have A Co-pilot?

My own experience with a co-pilot convinced me to step out in faith myself to be trained up and certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a level 1 coach. Would you like one, too? Well, it depends what the co-pilot will do for me, you might ask?

“Partnering” with a co-pilot might sound scary – at the same time, that co-pilot gets to guide you through asking you genuinely curious questions to which you already carry all the answers within you.

Sibylle Georgianna, CEO of Tools for Sustainable Vitality Inc

Thank you for taking the time to review this information.

You can also email me at toolsforvitality@pm.me. I look forward to hearing from you!