Learning Paths Via Online Classes:


Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or have experience with self-help and/or therapy and are looking for courses to enhance your skills and reach higher levels of self-awareness, people skills, and stress reduction, these learning paths will help you achieve your goals.

Take the online classes Learndesk.US.  Online classes consist of detailed, step-by-step information, resources, and in-depth applications because of the one-of-a-kind, complex life we are living. Thus, these are your online classes:


Mental Wellness 101: From Feeling Cray Cray to Cool and Options for Mental Wellness

An essential course that provides an overview for anyone who wants to enhance calm and focus should take. The why, the how-to, and an outline of different options!



Breath and Movement Activities for Managing Emotional Triggers and Focus

For those who are dealing with a lot. An introduction to the basic strategies you need to downshift your emotions and create focus!



From Betrayal to Choice and Voice One Day at a Time

For women who have been affected by betrayal, post-traumatic stress, or simply handling too much. Stress-reduction, communication, and other relationship resources you need to (re)-build your powerful choices and more!



A Man’s Tools For Addressing Betrayal

For men affected by betrayal, unfathomable losses, and/or disappointments: the courses you need to (re-build) confidence, communication and people skills, and a game plan on how to move forward in complex situations face-to-face and onine.



Coming Soon: Sibylle Georgianna’s Self-leadership Master Class

Objective of the Class:

For those who want to customize their people skills and connections as an expert leader of yourself and others. Are you looking to improve communication, empathy, or gentle assertiveness? Do you want to bring your ability to influence others to a team level? Or are you simply juggling so many challenges in today’s changing times that your relationships suffer? If you are unsure about your current capacity to lead yourself and others, make a change, take Dr. Sibylle’s complimentary self-leadership assessment. The assessment will allow you to request feedback via an interactive zoom call with Dr. Sibylle Georgianna for feedback and guidance, if desired.


Seasonal/Other Services and Events

For those who want to stay on track during busy seasons (e.g., holidays, vacations) and hone in on maintaining the changes you have worked so hard for; sign up for our news blast to remain informed or share your questions.